Trust and safety

At Accepoint, Trust and safety are of prime concern. To build a reliable and trustworthy market place, with over thousands of users we strive solely on feedbacks and ratings, this is to ensure that you as a buyer or seller would be able to review a freelancer/client thoroughly before making a deal. Through feedbacks and reviews, you can easily make your section from a variety of freelancers and be rest assured that your job is perfectly done.

Reviews & Feedbacks

After a job is completed between a buyer and a seller on Accepoint, The buyer is expected to share a review/rating on the seller; the experience of working with the seller and how well your job was done, proof of good job done may also be uploaded by the buyer, the buyer needs to drop a review as this stands as a recommendation or disapproval for other buyers.

Also, sellers must drop feedback on the buyer; all experience when working with the buyer, how enjoyable working with him/her was, and maybe recommend if other freelancers should be willing to work with them.


Your privacy on Accepoint is highly valued, all personal details of you are strictly secured with us, and would never be shared a third party.

Secure Payment option

All payment processes are carried out here on Accepoint, payments could be done through either Paypal or Payoneer. All transactions are handled by Accepoint to ensure a fast, safe and trustworthy process,

Conversation Privacy

All messages & attachment sent between buyers and sellers on our messaging platform is kept private, and can only be seen by the two parties.